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Jim Roping on Boon

Beal Quarter Horses has been in the horse business for 40 years. I have been breeding and training horses since the mid 70’s. Most of this time was spent on working ranches from Montana thru Arizona, Including some of the big outfits in Nevada, and Wyoming. Some of this time included professional hitch driving and livestock contracting for the motion picture industry in Arizona.

During my years on these cow outfits I believe that I learned a great deal as to what makes a good all-around horse. From being able to make the big circles to the patience of the calving pasture, the ability of a horse to a have a deep bottom and a lot of cow, and a whole bunch of sense. These experiences also opened my eyes in what I wanted in a bloodline.

My foundation sire Vans Boon Seeker was a grandson of the great cutting horse sire BOON BAR. (See lineage page). He sired many good colts over the years on many of these ranches, including a S.A.B.R.A. high point year end winner, a Wyoming circuit Amateur All Around Runner up, a RMQHA 2002 champion heading – healing horse. He was used on most of the ranches I worked on including being put out with the remuda on some of them. This takes a very special disposition in a stud to have this done. He was also used as a driving horse in teams, 4-up hitches, and in several movies, commercials, Wild West shows, and special events. The traits of the mind are one of the finest qualities he passed on to his colts. He died in 2006 at the age of 26. To date there are several of his get at the 20 or older line still in use.

During my time in Arizona I was able to train and provide many horses to the movie industry. Many of these horses carried actors and extras in some unique and compromising positions, showing a top level of training.

In 2000 I moved my breeding and training business to a very unique facility in Weld County Co., on the South Platte River. This allowed me many advantages to associate with other trainers and insights to techniques that I had not been exposed to before.

Bringing together all of these styles and differences in horsemanship to one goal of a well-rounded horse. I believe that through a breeding program that brings together good conformation, good disposition, athleticism, and speed I have produced a well-rounded horse with the versatility and mind set to go many directions, as the American Quarter Horse was developed to be.

Now due to some life changes I am forced to reduce my herd. This brings a unique opportunity for you to take advantage of a breeding program that has been developed over a long period of time.
Thank you for your interest,

Jim Beal